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About Forest Organics

One of my all-time favourite things is being there to witness that child-like awe expression a client gets when they discover something amazing in Nature. The smile that flings across their face while their eyes light up and they share what they see. It’s moments like these that inspire me

to help more people get out into Nature.

My name is Ivie, and I am passionate about helping you find the gentle relaxation time you need with Nature. I have a calm, altruistic and compassionate demeanour that helps you feel at ease during our sessions. I will guide you along on our quiet, slow journey into Nature while encouraging you to open your senses for exploration of the Nature space we are in.

For me, Nature Therapy is a way to re-connect with the more than human world, a way to slow down, be gentle and relax. It helps boost our mood and immune system, while lowering our blood pressure and stress levels. It’s a way to have all our worries melt away for a moment and to breathe in the refreshing air while clearing our minds. Nature Therapy is also a way for us to tune into our bodies by using our senses to deepen our connection with the surrounding Environment.

I believe that Nature Therapy is an important therapeutic approach to our self-care, it not only benefits our physical and mental health but also our emotional and social health too. In recent years, we have been so caught up in the technology/indoor movement that so many of us have lost our ways. We forget that we are Nature, not separate from it and it’s time to dip our toes into the river of Nature connection again.

Join me for a one-on-one or a small group Nature Therapy session to enjoy the practise

of immersing yourself in Nature in a mindful way.

Women in lush green forest
Women standing in lush green forest
Women in lush green forest
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