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Forest Dreads

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Forest Dreads

Ivie is a trained, qualified Loctition (Dreadlock Creator) with experience working with a

range of different hair types and styles.


The aim, at Forest Dreads, is to create beautiful, natural healthy dreadlocks that you'll love. 

Each dreadlock is created and maintained using the crochet method.

No wax, chemicals or ripping/tearing the hair.  


For all dreadlock maintenance (new and mature dreadlocks) - $60 per hour.​

Time will vary depending on the level of maintenance that is required.

- A standard appointment is generally 2 hours for a tidy up of the roots.

- More extensive maintenance i.e. from root to ends on each dreadlock, 3+ hours

- A complete overhaul includes maintenance on roots, lengths, repair work 5+ hours


All dreadlock installations, prices start at $70 per hour - this also includes a free follow up appointment (ideally 4 weeks after creation).

A deposit is required for all new installs. Length, volume, thickness and how many dreads vary from person to person,

for a customised quote, please contact us.

Note: To create new dreads, the shortest part of your hair needs to be a minimum of 15 cms long.

Mohawk/Top Knot 4 hrs - $280
Short Full Head 6 - 7 hrs $420 - $490
Shoulder Length 7 - 9 hrs $490 - $630
Shoulder Blade Area - 10+hrs $700+

When booking your appointment please provide:​

- Minimum of 3 clear photos of your head and shoulders (of the front, side and back). ​

- Description and photos of what you would like for your hair.

Human Hair and Synthetic Hair extensions are available with an in-person consultation prior to appointment for colour matching and length. Please also note that the extension hair may need to be ordered in, therefore additional time will be allocated when booking your appointment.

Before your scheduled appointment, please ensure that your hair is washed, dried, brushed and product free. It's also best to use a residue free shampoo (do not use conditioner when washing prior to your appointment).

After Care

Take advantage of the free follow up appointment where we will check over your baby dreads, tidy up the roots and go over any loose bits. The follow up appointment should be within the first 4 - 6 weeks of your installation. *If a follow up appointment isn't booked within the first 4 weeks, a regular appointment fee will occur of $60 per hour*

Using Salt sprays not only help with the maturing process but when used with essential oils, makes them smell great too! Sprays are available to purchase from the studio or you can create your own. Spending time in the ocean with the salt water is wonderful for your dreads.

Palm rolling and separating your dreadlocks regularly will help them mature, not matt together and will generally make them better.

All these tips will be discussed in person during our session.

Keep in mind that dreads do take several months to mature (up to 18 months), depending on your hair type.

With the right care and love, you'll have amazing healthy dreads.

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